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Produced by Milarepa and One Sky Music, 1993.

How to Lucid Dream
Osho - Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
Beloved Osho

How to Play “Altitude of Your Love” – Chords & Lyrics

(F) Rising… I am (C) rising in the (F Bb) altitude of your (C) love.

(F) Falling… I am (C) falling in the (F) silent (Bb) depth of your (C) love.

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Going (Bb) higher and (C) higher and (Am Dm) higher (Bb) with you, O beloved (C4 C) master…

Going (Bb) deeper and (C) deeper and (Am Dm) deeper (Bb) with you, (C) beloved (F) Osho.

How to Lucid Dream

F      Bb  C

This is a Dream...