Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce

Astral Dynamics: The Complete Book of Out-of-Body Experiences by Robert Bruce was my first book which introduced me to the fascinating subject of astral projection. When I first encountered it during the 1990s, it was in a PDF form circulating online, which came up with a “NEW” – New Energy Ways method to induce astral projection based on tactile imagery. This was indeed new as most other books on the subject advocated visual imagery as an induction method, which some people find a lot more difficult.

This is a Dream...

The book contains a lot of information, including speculative material about the theory behind out of body experiences, the astral body and the astral realms. But there is plenty of practical content too, A LOT of practices, which is why I recommend using the 90 day program (see above), as it makes it a lot easier to incorporate all those practices into a not-too-hard to maintain daily schedule.

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