Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala) – Ayahuasca Analog

Peganum harmala (Syrian rue) is a bush producing Sleep Seeds, which are the most important ingredient in many Ayahuasca Analogs. This is because they contain some of the same¬†harmala alkaloids¬†as¬†Banisteriopsis caapi, the original ayahuasca plant. Syrian rue is also also known as: African rue esphand wild rue aspand harmal hermel harmel esfand Read my full […]

Common Vervain (Verbena officinalis)

Vervain (Verbena officinalis) has no known psychoactive effects, however it is used in Medical Herbalism for various purposes, including as a Sleep Herb. While the majority of Verbena species are native to the Americas and Asia, Verbena officinalis, is native to Europe where it has been held in high esteem since classical antiquity both as […]

Passiflora incarnata (True Passionflower) – The Sleep Flower

True Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata), also known as Wild Passion Vine, Apricot Vine, and Maypop, is a plant native to North America, where it was used first by Native American tribes. It is a CNS depressant with sedative, calming, and soothing properties, which is prescribed for problems associated with stress, including nervous conditions such as tension […]

Lucid Dream Therapy for Insomnia (LDT-I)

Lucid dreaming enthusiasts have long been searching for a practical application of the phenomenon. Attempts to use lucid dreaming for the treatment of insomnia have been part of this quest. Yes, lucid dreaming does have huge potential for treating various types of sleep disorders. Preliminary studies have yielded promising results in this regard. In this […]

Ayahuasca – The Great Medicine of the Amazon

Ayahuasca (“vine of the soul”) has been the most important medicine of the Amazonian Indians of South America since pre-Columbian times. Among its many uses: Medical purposes – to treat a wide range of ailments. Shamans, who believe Ayahuasca contains plant spirits which reveal themselves as master-teachers to humans (it is sometimes referred to as […]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapy-based approach to dealing with health issues that are habit/behavior/cognition-rooted. The goal of CBT is to change the way people think about a real or perceived health problem. Then, it aims to change their behaviors associated with that problem. In most cases, people’s health problems do indeed stem from […]

Khat (Catha edulis) – Natural Amphetamine

Khat (Catha edulis) is a stimulant or “upper,” a substance that wakes one up, but doesn’t effect any changes in perception. Long before the first coffee was ever brewed, humans have been chewing khat as an inebriant, stimulant, and euphoriant. It is also known as: Kafta Jimaa Miraa Muhulo Muirungi Somali tea Arabian tea Abyssinian […]

Bacopa monnieri – Natural “Methylphenidate”

A hypothetical candidate for the original soma plant of the Vedas, Bacopa monnieri (in Sanskrit sarasvati or “that which flows”), is a medicinal and nootropic plant named after Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, and learning. This plant is used mainly to enhance cognition and memory and as an anxiolytic. Bacopa is […]