Calmness Now Elixir (5 fl oz)


Verbena officinalis (Common Vervain), Scutellaria lateriflora (Skullcap), and Turnera diffusa (Damiana)


I have designed Calmness Now to provide an experience of mental relaxation with no sedation or muscle relaxation. It contains tinctures of three nervine relaxants:

Verbena officinalis (Common Vervain)

Scutellaria lateriflora (Skullcap)

Turnera diffusa (Damiana)

This is a Dream...

Vervain is a gentle anxiolytic herb, meaning it can effectively reduce anxiety levels.

Skullcap is not is only a nervous system tonic, which provides general systemic support to help ease the impact of anxiety, but it apparently also targets GABA receptors like benzodiazepines and other sleeping pills.

It also contains glutamine, an amino acid with anxiolytic effects.

Damiana is another anti-anxiety herb which seems to work by affecting GABA receptors and it has the additional benefit of improving the mood.

The listed price includes shipping.

Dose: 1 teaspoon per day up to three times per day.

To avoid ingesting alcohol, mix into a cup of hot water until the alcohol evaporates.

Manufactured in a herbal pharmacy and shipped from Israel.

Note that I also sell personalized herbal preparations. Contact me for a free consultation.

Keep in mind that this formulation may help with anxiety; it is not a long-term solution. To cure anxiety, I recommend scheduling a sleep consultation.


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