Dream Work


Gain power over your dreams.


Do you dream too much? Are your dreams intense or nightmarish?

Or perhaps you don’t remember any dreams at all? Or don’t understand your dreams as much as you would like to?

Or would you like to explore the dream world consciously in lucid dreams?

This is a Dream...

Or to rid yourself of the fear of death by experiencing your spirit separate from the body by having out-of-body experiences, also known as astral projection?

Or perhaps you are looking to awaken from the collective daydream of illusion most of us waste our entire lives in…

Whatever your goal may be, if it concerns dreams or other altered states of consciousness, I’m available to support you and help you attain it.

  • Develop dream recall and learn how to have lucid dreams at will
  • Understand your dreams better through awareness and interpretation
  • Become a dimensional traveler and experience out of body experiences through the practice of astral projection for example in order to get in touch with deceased loved ones or to heal the fear of death
  • Retrieve lost memories by accessing your subconscious mind in dreams
  • Reach a higher, enlightened level of consciousness in which you continually experience a state of joyful love, ecstasy, and bliss

As a psycho-herbalist, if needed, I’m also able to provide my clients with herbal prescriptions to help them reach their goal.

Most popular Dream Work paths:

  • Healing Dream Disorders (e.g., Nightmares, Sleep Paralysis, etc.)
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Tibetan Dream & Sleep Yoga
  • Shamanic Guidance & Development
  • Trip sitting
  • Astral Projection
  • Meditation Coaching for Superconsciousness & Enlightenment
  • Liminal Dreams, Liminal Consciousness

The listed price includes support with the client’s dream work for one week. During this time, I will be available to guide you via SMS messages, emails, or text/audio messages on platforms such as WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, and Messenger.

Alternatively, for a similar price, you can get a one hour-long phone/video call with me.

When purchasing this service, please let me know if you prefer a week-long process or a call.

A free consultation is also available, where you may ask me any questions regarding sleep and dreams.

Dream Consultations


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