Hallucinogenic Blend


Passiflora incarnata (Passionflower), Salvia divinorum (Sage of the Diviners), Amanita muscaria (Fly Agaric Mushroom), & Myristica fragrans (Nutmeg)


My Hallucinogenic Blend is a herbal smoking blend designed to be used as a legal hallucinogen.

It is even more potent when combined with Cannabis, particularly heavy, sedating, “Indica” type Cannabis.

If you are interested to experience hallucinogens without getting on the wrong side of law enforcement or without the potential risks of more powerful hallucinogens, then this blend is for you!

The blend does not contain tobacco; the following ingredients are included:

For those who are not familiar with these herbs, here’s a brief description of the effects induced by each herb:

Passionflower is a relaxant which when smoked, induces a subtle marijuana-like, euphoric “high.” Moreover, passionflower contains MAO-inhibiting harmala alkaloids which potentiate the effects of the other psychoactive substances in the mixture.

Salvia divinorum contains salvinorin A, a diterpene hallucinogen that is the most potent naturally occurring dissociative hallucinogen. Mazatec shamans have been using this herb to facilitate visionary states of consciousness.

Fly Agaric mushroom is a powerful hypnotic (sleep-inducing) mushroom, euphoriant, and anxiolytic mushroom, which has also been described as a psychedelic, dissociative, and deliriant hallucinogen. You may experience perceptual phenomena such as synesthesia and Alice in Wonderland syndrome (also known as dysmetropsia; including macropsia, micropsia, pelopsia, and teleopsia.)

Finally, nutmeg is a deliriant hallucinogen, which can produce a dreamlike state of consciousness, space and time distortions, a feeling of detachment from reality, and even hallucinations.

The smoking blend can be used in joints or water pipes.

For an even stronger effect or if you are mostly interested in a psychedelic hallucinogenic effect, it is recommended to add a small amount of cannabis, especially heavy “Indica” strains, before smoking. Cannabis has a synergistic effect with the herbs in this mixture and will strongly potentiate it.

To use, simply take a few puffs. It is recommended to sit or lie down with eyes covered and music playing for the duration of the effect. This herbal blend can also be used as incense. Just burn (e.g., by placing some of the mixture on a burning coal) and fumigate for a trippy atmosphere.

Do not drive or operate heavy machinery under the influence of Salvia divinorum and Amanita muscaria. Do not smoke during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Consult with your physician if you are taking any medications or if you have any health conditions.

The listed price is for an eighth (3.5 grams) of the mixture and includes shipping.

It is possible to receive this product as pre-rolled cigarettes rather than a herbal mixture; just contact me and let me know after you place the order.

This is a Dream...

Please do not order if Salvia divinorum is illegal in your stateIf you do, your order will either be cancelled and refunded or your label will say NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION, depending on the law in your state.

FDA Required Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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