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Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort)

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Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) is a herb often used to potentiate dreams and which may induce a state of consciousness characterized by tranquility, relaxation, lightheadedness, euphoria, and sleepiness.

It’s oneirogenic (dream-enhancing) effects include:

  • making dreams more vivid and memorable
  • improving dream recall
  • promoting lucid dreams
  • aiding in relaxing into trance or sleep
  • aiding in maintaining a meditative state

Mugwort in Medical Herbalism

In herbal medicine, mugwort is known to exhibit the following medicinal actions:

  • a mild nervine bitter tonic and relaxant
  • hypnotic (sleep-inducing) when taken at bedtime
  • stimulating when taken during the day
  • anti-asthmatic
  • muscle relaxing
  • euphoriant
  • carminative – supports digestion
  • emmenagogue – may be used to promote normal menstrual flow

Conditions often treated with mugwort include:

  • depression
  • tension
  • sleep problems – mugwort helps the mind and body ease into sleep, improving sleep quality, and reducing tiredness the following day
  • pain
  • conditions in which digestive stimulation is indicated such as indigestion, anorexia, etc.


Mugwort is potentially allergenic to people sensitive to plants in the Asteraceae family.

Do not use this powerful herb during pregnancy or if you suffer from any medical conditions, including kidney stones and gastritis, without consulting with a physician first.

If you start experiencing nightmares under the influence of mugwort, you should probably take a break.

How to use Mugwort?

To make a tea, pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1-2 teaspoons (0.5-2 grams) of dried mugwort and infuse for 10 to 15 minutes in a covered container.

It’s important to use a covered container to avoid evaporation of the volatile oil, which is responsible for mugwort’s psychoactive and medicinal effects.

Drink 30 minutes before you want the effects to kick in (e.g., before a nap if you’re trying to induce lucid dreams).

For optimal effects, take it every night before going to bed. It may take up to a month before the full effects are manifested.

Alternatively, drink mugwort tea during the day (perhaps with the addition of green tea) for support during meditation, WILD, and astral projection practice.

Inhaling Mugwort

It’s also possible to smoke mugwort, vaporize it, or to burn it as incense.

Mugwort is suitable for use as a tobacco substitute and in smoking blends. While being very low in thujone, its effects include an euphoric “high” which may resemble the effects of the THC in Cannabis, possibly making it a marijuana substitute.

I like mixing mugwort into almost every smoking blend not only because it provides a pleasant smoke and its array of benefits listed above, but also due to its ability to improve absorption of active constituents from the other ingredients of the smoking blend.

Mugwort as an Oneirogen – Dream Herb

I recommended burning some mugwort incense before attempting to perform an astral projection or WILD technique, especially if you need help with attaining a physical state of relaxation.

Mugwort is also beneficial for improving the ability to remember your out-of-body experiences and lucid dreams.

Some people report an increase in hypnagogic imagery and a dream-like state when taking mugwort before going to bed.

Mugwort may help concentrate in meditation, but this effect occurs when you are not tired.

When dreaming, this effect may manifest as a strengthened presence within the dream, which can increase the chances of becoming lucid.

To use, simply take a few puffs before heading to sleep (or to your OBE/WILD “launch pad.”) This herbal blend can also be used as incense. Just burn and fumigate.

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