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I’m available to serve as a psychedelic guide and trip sitter in person. (The price of my in-person service depends on how far you are from where I am.)

This is a Dream...

My Trip Consultation service on the other hand can be provided remotely.

Note that I do not provide or sell any illegal drugs. 

What is a Trip Consultation?

As your trip consultant, I will guide you on the safe and effective use of psychedelic, dissociative, or deliriant drugs, such as:

There are two main types of Trip Consultations:

  1. Preparation – I will prepare you to the experience by answering any questions you may have and provide you with important information you need to know before commencing with the trip. For example, being a clinical psycho-herbalist, I can provide my clients with plant allies, herbs which may be useful in combination with your chosen mind altering agent.
  2. Post-trip Integration – I will help you integrate and understand your experience.

A free consultation is also available, where you may ask me any questions regarding sleep, dreams, and other altered states of consciousness.

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