Psychedelic Guide & Trip Sitter Service

I’m available to serve as a psychedelic guide and trip sitter. I can provide guidance remotely, however if you’re looking for someone to be with you physically during a psychedelic trip, then you should know that the price of my in-person service depends on how far you are from where I am.

Note that I do not provide or sell any illegal drugs. 

What is Trip Sitting?

As a trip sitter, I will be present physically with you to ensure your safety while under the influence of a psychedelic, dissociative, or deliriant drug, such as:

In some cases, I can also serve as a psychedelic guide, and take an active role in guiding your experiences.

As a trip sitter, our process will consist of 3 parts:

  1. Preparation – I will prepare you to the experience by answering any questions you may have and provide you with important information you need to know before commencing with the trip.
  2. Trip – I will make sure the set and setting is healthy, and provide support and/or guidance throughout the entire trip experience.
  3. Post-trip – I will help you integrate and understand your experience.