Top 10 Crystals for Sleep & Dreams

Crystals are rocks with special powers. Some crystals can be helpful for coping with sleep disorders, such as insomnia, night terrors and sleepwalking, and with dream problems, such as nightmares.

They can also be used to attract special kinds of dreams, such as lucid dreams and out of body experiences (astral projection), make your dreams more vivid, improve your dream recall, and even record your dreams.

Below you will find a list of crystals that are known to have power over sleep and dreams.

A guide on how to choose and use the crystals is provided as well, including how to cleanse them and prepare them for use.

How to Use Crystals?

The first step is obviously to purchase the crystals and stones that you want to experiment with. If you go with a small stone, they should be rather cheap to purchase online or at your local metaphysical store. You don’t have to get the biggest, most expensive crystal.

To choose your crystal/s, I recommend taking a deep breath, relaxing with a few moments of meditation, and then looking at the pictures below until you find a crystal that you`re attracted to. Then, read the description and see if it has the powers you require to achieve your goal. If not, simply start over.

If you’re not attracted to any of the below stones, no worries. You can use almost every crystal that you feel like as long as you cleanse it and charge it as per the instructions provided in this article.

Do the same exercise in the store when you buy the rock before you choose the specific one you’re attracted to buy.

Once you have a crystal, you will need to cleanse it before you can use it. And you will also need to cleanse it again often, preferably daily if you use the rocks throughout the whole night. (Cleansing instructions are provided below.)

Since you want to use your crystal for sleep and dreams, you can put it under your pillow (unless it’s a valuable rock and there’s a chance it will fall on the floor and break), near the head of the bed, such as on a nightstand, on you, e.g. in your pocket, or on a locket or pouch around your neck. Putting the crystals under the bed is not usually recommended.

Ideally, before placing your crystal in the chosen location, hold it with both hands and meditate with it for a few moments before going to sleep, concentrating on your intention or praying it helps you attain your goal. Make sure to spend at least 2-3 mindful minutes every night doing this while you’re testing a rock.

When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself if you noticed any difference. If you achieved your goal, great! Just keep doing what you did. But even if you don’t feel anything, try it for at least a week before moving on to a different crystal, recording your results. If you experienced any unusual adverse affects, such as sleep disturbance or nightmares, then try to place the crystal further away from you, use a smaller crystal or remove the crystal from your bedroom and try something else.

To be more specific, if the crystal creates the effect you were looking for but the effect is too strong, then use a smaller crystal or put it further away from you. If the effect is totally different then what you were expecting, then it might be better to try a different rock.

For example, if you wanted to be able to have lucid dreams, but the rock keeps you from falling asleep, then you can try the same stone in a different location, or a smaller one. And if you’re trying to overcome insomnia but your rock energizes you, then you should probably go with a different crystal altogether.

If you’re using a dreamcrystal to help interpret a dream, then meditate with the stone in your hands and remain receptive for the solution to appear in your mind. Placing the rock near the third eye will produce a stronger effect.

If you’re trying to improve your dream recall, then in addition to having the rock near you when you sleep, hold it in your hand upon waking up from sleep while you’re trying to recall your dreams.

Dreamcrystals and Sleepstones

Some crystals are dream-enhancing but can disturb sleep, others are supportive of sleep but won’t affect your dreams much. I refer to the former as dreamcrystals (or dreamstones) and to the latter as sleepstones. There are also some rocks that are both dreamcrystals and sleepstones.

Dreamcrystals will often be related to the element of air, to the third eye chakra (the energy center between our eyes, on our forehead, which is also known as the Pineal Gland) and have a violet or purple color. Their affects include improving dream recall, lucidity and vividness as well as aiding in dream interpretation.

Sleepstones, on the other hand, are often of the earth element, the root chakra are have brown, red or black color. Their effects are often grounding, calming, soothing, comforting and stress-reducing. Make sure that the rock you’re using is not energizing though. Try to go with round-shaped stones.

Cleanse Your Crystals Regularly

I recommend cleansing your crystals before you start working with them and then every morning after every night you’ve been using them. There are several ways to cleanse rocks:

This is a Dream...
  1. Sage incense – For one minute hold your crystal in the smoke released from burning sage (Salvia officinalis). Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) or other purifying, cleansing herbs can also be used when sage is unavailable.
  2. Moonlight – If the moon is full and visible, then it can be used to purify your crystals. Simply leave them in the moonlight overnight. This method is obviously not practical for the daily morning cleansing (unless you’re a vampire), but it can be used for the initial cleansing ritual. Sunlight can also be used with some rocks, however there are rocks that will not respond well to being in the sun.
  3. Earth – Burying the rock in the ground for 24 hours also works.
  4. Water – Dipping your crystal in a natural source of water, such as a spring or the ocean, or even putting them out in the rain, can be done as a cleansing method. (Keep in mind though that some rocks will not survive water and/or salt.)

Programming and Deprogramming Crystals

After you choose your rocks and purify them, the next step before you can start using them is to program them with your intention. Start by relaxing and taking a few breaths. Make sure you’re somewhere in which you will not be disturbed. Hold the cleansed crystal in front of you, focusing on it and saying with full intention: “Crystal, please help me…” and finish the sentence with your goal. Try to phrase it positively instead of negatively. For example, if you need the crystal to overcome nightmares, then say: “Crystal, please help me to have only pleasant dreams.” Repeat it a few times (with awareness, not mindlessly) until your intention is firmly set.

When deprogramming the crystal, start out the same way, but when making the statement, just request that the crystal be cleared of any intentions.

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Type: Sleepstone & Dreamcrystal.

Promotes: Better sleep, dream interpretation, vivid dreams, pleasant dreams, dream recall, relaxation, lucid dreaming, astral projection.

Protects against: Night terrors, nightmares, insomnia, stress, anxiety, negative energies.


Warning: Amethyst is a very powerful dreamcrystal and therefore may cause sleep disturbances to some people. So don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to fall asleep in its presence. If this is the case for you, then try using a small amethyst or place it away from your bed while sleeping. Another option is to wake up from your sleep after 4-5 hours. By then, you most likely got the deep sleep you needed. For the rest of your sleeping period, bring the crystal near you and let it affect your dreams.

Amethyst Necklace
Amethyst Necklace of Dream Enhancement


Type: Dreamcrystal and Sleepstone.

Promotes: Better sleep, dream control, lucid dreams, dream recall, relaxation.

Protects against: Insomnia.

Dream Maker Crystals / Purple Fluorite

Type: Dreamcrystal.

Promotes: Protection, relaxation, dreams, dream interpretation, peaceful sleep.

Protects against: Nightmares, negative energies, night terror, sleep paralysis, astral projection, stress.

Purple Fluorite (Record Keeping Crystal)
Purple Fluorite (Record Keeping Crystal)

Herkimer Diamond (Quartz)

Type: Dreamcrystal.

Promotes: Dream recall, lucid dreams, vivid dreams, dream insight/interpretation, astral travel.

Note: Herkimer diamonds are powerful record-keepers which can be used to record dreams.


Both the Red Jasper and the Dalmatian Jasper are dreamcrystals, however since they are also grounding and provide protection, they can be used to improve sleep as well.

While the Red Jasper improves dream recall, the Dalmatian Jasper wards against nightmares.


Type: Sleepstone.

Promotes: Dream recall, better sleep, relaxation, lucid dreams, pleasant dreams.

Protects against: Negative energies, nightmares, insomnia, anxiety, difficulty falling asleep, obsessive thoughts, stress.

Rainbow Moonstone / White Labradorite

Type: Sleepstone & Dreamcrystal.

Promotes: Dreams, lucid dreams (especially the rainbow moonstone), peaceful sleep, dream recall.

Protects against: Insomnia, nightmares, sleepwalking.

I sell a Necklace of Protection with Labradorite.



Type: Dreamcrystal and sleepstone.

Promotes: Dreams, dream recall, better sleep, lucid dreams, relaxation, astral projection, dream insight.

Protects against: Stress, insomnia.


Type: Sleepstone.

Promotes: Peace, serenity, purification, better sleep.

Protects against: Stress, insomnia, nightmares, negative energy.


Clear Quartz Crystal

Type: Dreamcrystal.

Promotes: Dream insight, vivid dreams, dream recall.

clear quartz crystal
Clear Quartz Crystal

Note: Quartz crystals are highly programmable and therefore can be used for almost any purpose. Simply program the crystal according to the above instructions and use it for any sleep or dream related issue you want.

Other types of quartz crystals include:

  1. The Shamanic Dream Stone (also known as Lodolite) which promotes vivid dreams, dream recall, lucid dreams and astral projection. It can also record dreams.
  2. Smoky Quartz which is grounding and relaxing and may help you sleep better in addition to inducing dreams, including lucid dreams.
  3. The Dream Quartz helps protect against negative energy and improves dream recall. It may also induce lucid dreams and out of body experiences.
  4. The Rose Quartz is a sleepstone which promotes relaxation, protection and healing. It’s great against nightmares and night terrors and may induce beautiful dreams.
  5. Lithium Quartz helps with dream interpretation. It may also help promote relaxation and better sleep. It can be used for insomnia.
Clear Quartz Crystal Necklace
Clear Quartz Crystal Necklace

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Below you will find some examples of the jewelry I sell. Each one is handcrafted with a specific intention as per the client’s request.

Labradorite Macrame Necklace
Labradorite Macramé Necklace
Black Tourmaline and Labradorite Protection Amulet
Black Tourmaline and Labradorite Protection Amulet
Labradorite Sacred Geometry Talisman
Labradorite Sacred Geometry Talisman

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