There are many good health trackers. My first choice personally was the Fitbit Ionic GPS Smart Watch because of its sleep tracking capabilities. When you wear it while you sleep, it tracks your pulse and movements and from these data infers not only when you are sleeping but also what kind of sleep you’re experiencing. How does it work?

  • If your pulse is slow and you’re moving, then you’re in light sleep.
  • If the pulse is slow and you’re not moving, you’re in deep sleep.
  • If your pulse is fast and you’re not moving then you’re in REM sleep (in which muscles are paralyzed).
  • If your pulse is fast and you are moving, then you must be awake!

Using Fitbit allows you to conduct a mini sleep study at home and learn a lot about your sleep patterns, including how many sleep cycles you go through, when you fall asleep and how long it takes you to fall asleep, how many awakenings you experience during the night, when you dream, and a lot more.

My wife already adopted my Fitbit Ionic so I had to buy a new Fitbit. Next, I got the Charge 3, but it stopped working suddenly. Currently, I’m using Fitbit Inspire HR, which seems to be the cheapest Fitbit you can get that still can be used to conduct a home sleep study. I’m very happy with it as it is smaller than both the Ionic and the Charge 3, and for me, I don’t need all the extra features, such as as paying with Fitbit and so on.

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