Dreams on LSA (Lysergic Acid Amide)

Although related to LSD to some degree, LSA (lysergic acid amide) does not consistently produce the same effects as its better known “chemical cousin.”

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LSA is a naturally occurring ergot alkaloid, which is found in the seeds of a number of plants. It is important to point out that the seeds should always be considered the primary sources of LSA. Other parts of the plant (such as the stalk and the leaves) may contain traces of LSA, but the seeds are where the real storage of this compound occurs.

The primary plant sources of LSA are the seeds of the Morning Glory vine (Ipomoea spp.) and Baby Hawaiian Wood Rose (Argyreia spp.). In fact, LSA is the main psychoactive ingredient of these seeds. If you hear someone talk about ingesting Morning Glory seeds, it is definitely for the LSA content.

The compound was discovered through research aimed at the alkaloids found in Ergot. It was not until 1947 when Albert Hofmann first synthesized LSA though. Subsequent research proved the psychoactive nature of the substance.

On one occasion, researchers administered some 500 micrograms of LSA intramuscularly. The resulting effect was sedating, producing a dreamy state where thought clarity would not stick.

LSA is apparently highly hallucinatory. It produces a range of hallucinations, which cover the internal as well as external spectrums.

LSA dosage

Since Hawaiian Baby Woodrose and Morning Glory are the main sources of the compound, it makes sense to talk about dosage in terms of their seeds.

A light dose would thus consist of some 50-100 Morning Glory seeds or 1-2 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds.

For a common dose, the seed count would have to be upped to 100-250 Morning Glory seeds or 2-6 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds.

A strong dose would be comprised of some 250-400 Morning Glory seeds or 6-14 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds.

Heavy doses start at more than 400 Morning Glory seeds or more than 14 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds.

Such seed-based dosage is quite accurate and practical at the same time. Extra care needs to be exercised with extracts, the actual LSA concentration of which is impossible to determine.

What are the main cognitive effects of LSA?

LSA enhances emotions, inducing a state of cognitive euphoria. Its effects also include ego death, increased sense of humor, thought enhancement, as well as increased connectivity.

While based on anecdotal evidence, the compound does not seem to affect dreams much (given its aforementioned effects, this is quite counterintuitive), it produces spectacular hallucinations.

These include transformations based on the thought process of the user. In high doses, LSA consistently yields a Lucid Dreaming state. These hallucinations are interactive and their theme can cover just about anything.

External hallucinations on the other hand are rarer and much less consistent than internal ones.

The mentioned LSA source-seeds are consumed almost exclusively orally. More creative users bake them into brownies, making their ingestion more palatable. Even various extracts – such as tabs made from Ergot – are taken orally.

With higher doses, effects begin manifesting after about 30 minutes. It can take as long as 180 minutes for the effects to onset though.

Plants the seeds of which contain LSA include:

Baby Hawaiian Wood Rose (Argyreia spp.).

  • Argyreia acuta
  • Argyreia barnesii
  • Argyreia cuneata
  • Argyreia hainanensis
  • Argyreia luzonensis
  • Argyreia mollis
  • Argyreia nervosa
  • Argyreia obtusifolia
  • Argyreia philippinensis
  • Argyreia speciosa
  • Argyreia splendens
  • Argyreia wallichi

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Morning Glory vine (Ipomoea spp.)

  • Ipomoea argyrophylla
  • Ipomoea coccinea
  • Ipomoea leptophylla
  • Ipomoea littoralis
  • Ipomoea medium
  • Ipomoea muelleri
  • Ipomoea violacea

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