Welcome to my portfolio.

My name is Guy Matityahu, and I offer my entry-level services to game development studios.

With an extensive background in digital marketing and a keen interest in gaming, I offer a unique blend of skills poised to enrich your next project.

  • Marketing Generalist
  • Community Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Game Writer/Scriptwriter
  • Narrative Design
  • Content Design
  • System Design
  • Lore Historian
  • Level Design

I am eager to contribute my skills to your studio, whether you’re crafting the next big indie hit or pushing the boundaries of AAA game development.

Let’s collaborate to create something extraordinary. Feel free to reach out if you believe my skills align with your project’s needs.

In late 2023, I transitioned to C# and Unity, believing it would better serve my goals. I started with an excellent course on Udemy, Complete C# Unity Game Developer 2D.

In September 2022, I started learning HTML & CSS thoroughly by completing the freeCodeCamp certification and studying all available videos on the freeCodeCamp YouTube channel.

My first projects from August-September 2022 are based on the JavaScript Game Development Course for Beginners at freeCodeCamp.org (artwork courtesy of bevouliin.com) and include:

In July 2022, I started learning HTML through Coursera (HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers by Yaakov Chaikin). I made a simple responsive box design with CSS but quickly found the course was outdated, as it was from 2015.

As a teenager, I dabbled in coding with QBasic and even created a simple text adventure game using BATCH files. I also completed a course in Pascal and learned some C/C++ and Visual Basic. However, as a young adult, I pivoted to a different path. After many years of working in marketing, I embarked on a journey in development. On this page, I will document my new journey.