Vaporizer Reviews (2019)

Often peddled as a way to cut back on/quit smoking, vaping is indeed a healthier alternative for smokers. Instead of combusting the herb, more or less intricate vaporizers heat it up, or pass hot air through it, to create a sort of vapor that the user then inhales.

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It is important to know that while vaping is theoretically healthier than smoking, it is just as addictive, it can actually hook newcomers on nicotine just as well (if your vaping mixture contains tobacco), and at the end of the day: it is still unhealthy.

The quality of the vaping experience depends entirely on two factors: the quality of the herb/extract and the device used. There are scores of vaporizers out there, some of them simpler and portable, others intricate and desktop-based.

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We have compiled a list of the best vaporizers of 2019, based on overall user feedback, vapor quality, portability, temperature selection, heating method and overall versatility.

Since highly portable pen-like vaporizers are the handiest, the easiest to use and the cheapest, it makes sense to start the list with them.

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Best Portable Vaporizers of 2019

Dynavap M

In this category, Dynavap’s M rule the roost with an iron (or rather: stainless steel) grip. The popularity of these devices is quite self-explanatory once you actually get them in your hands. Their design is elegant, discrete and they are indeed second to none in regards to portability.

The Ms come with a small oven that’s great for herb quantities of 0.1 grams or even less. The actual operation of the device is simple as well, though it requires an outside heat source.

Simply take off the vap cap, load the oven with the desired quantity and replace the cap. Use a butane torch lighter to heat the cap as you are turning it. Move the flame up and down to make sure the heat distribution on the cap is even. Wait till the device clicks, and you are ready to take your first draw. Afterwards, wait till the device clicks again, before you heat up the cap for your second draw.

The quality of the vapor produced by the M is outstanding. Considering that the device only costs ~$60, it is clear why so many people see it as their top overall choice. The quality of the overall experience is only topped by the efficiency of the device. You will be stretching your herb incredibly far with this one.

Besides the standard stainless steel version, the M is available in a number of other designs/materials too.

OmniVap Titanium

While the M has this niche of the vaporizer marker cornered, the OmniVap Ti represents an upgrade from it, design- as well as material-wise. The XL version is slightly larger than the M and it is made of Titanium. Its design is more eye-catching than that of the M, but it also costs about three times as much.

The actual vaping experience delivered by the OmniVap is quite similar however. One difference is that the OmniVap allows for the adjustment of the airflow.

The Dynavap range of vaporizers includes other attractive pieces such as the Omnivong Wood line. They can all be taken apart for cleaning. Some of them can be hooked up to glass rigs.

Portside Mini

You won’t need to use a lighter to heat your Dynavap vaporizers, if you purchase a Portside Mini device, which uses an induction coil to heat your vap caps. All you really need to do is to plug your M or OmniVap into your Portside Mini and push down on it. When you hear the click, you’re ready for your draw.

Despite its name, the Portside Mini is in fact quite bulky. As such, it defeats much of the portability and subtlety of your Dynavap devices.

Moving one step further, we have a different category of portable vaporizers. The likes of Storz and Bickel’s Mighty and Crafty do indeed take the experience into an entirely new realm. Such devices offer fine temperature settings and eliminate the need for an external heat source. Their batteries mean that they won’t have the user tethered to the wall either.

Of course, these features are all reflected in the price of the device.

Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel (the Dream Merchant’s choice!)

The Mighty is beyond doubt the poster child of this vaporizer sub-category. It comes with a bunch of accessories and it is suitable for the vaping of dried leaves, solid extracts and liquid pads.

Mighty Vaporizer (
Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer

It features a bright LCD screen for temperature setting. Its oven is fairly large, and it comes with a handy loader magazine, which clicks right onto the oven, after the cooler is removed.

There is a start button on the side of the device, and two buttons for tinkering with the temperature. Users can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius by holding down both temperature setting buttons. The device heats up quickly and once it reaches the desired temperature, it vibrates. The Mighty uses a combination of convection and conduction, meaning that the walls of the oven heat up, while at the same time, hot air passes through the herb.

It features two batteries and it holds a charge really well. The Mighty features a proprietary charging plug.

As far as accessories are concerned, there are scores of different goodies available for the Mighty. There is a handy dosing capsule magazine for instance, which holds 8 loaded capsules that the user can just toss into the oven as they are. The capsules are numbered and a single charge should just about cover all 8 of them.

The Mighty might struggle to produce proper vapor for the first draw, but as it gets going, the consistency of its vapor evens out nicely. Draw resistance is excellent.

One thing that you need to be aware of in regards to the Mighty is that it is a “session vaporizer”. What that means is that once it gets going, it does not stop between draws. You need to take draw after draw, for about 10-15 minutes, until you use up the herb in the oven and wrap up the session. The device does have an auto shut-off feature however.

The Mighty costs around $350.


The smaller cousin of the Mighty, the Crafty delivers a rather similar vaping experience, for a more attractive price. The Crafty costs just ~$280.

The oven of the Crafty is exactly the same as that of the Mighty. It features just one battery instead of two though and it comes with a smaller cooling unit. It has a micro USB charging plug, which is a nice touch. It does not have an LCD screen like the Mighty, but it does come with an app, through which the exact temperature can be set.

On the portability front, the Crafty definitely earns some marks over the Mighty. It is much more “pocketable”. Its mouth piece works the same way the Mighty’s does, and it can vape everything the Mighty can.

Like the Mighty, the Crafty is a “session” vaporizer as well.

If you consider the “session” vaporizer nature of the Mighty and the Crafty a shortcoming, you will probably like the “on-demand” nature of the Ghost MV1.

Ghost MV1

The MV1 features decent “pocketability” and it costs around $300. Unlike the Mighty and the Crafty above, it turns on, heats up, signals that it is ready to deliver your draw, it then vibrates again and turns off. The user needs to hold down a button to make it all happen. As soon as the button is released, the device cools down.

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It looks and works completely differently from all the mentioned vaporizers. It uses crucibles, which hold around 0.1 gram of herb. To deliver a proper kick on such a small load, the MV1 needs to provide superb vapor quality and that is exactly what it does.

It does not feature a screen such as the Mighty. Its temperature setting is accomplished through a series of clicks through its starter button. There are 6 predefined temperature levels through which users can cycle. Holding down the same button provides a reading on battery life, and clicking it three times sends the device into standby/ready mode.

For dry leaves, the 4th and 5th temperature levels are ideal. The final temperature step is only suitable for concentrate vaping.

An actual draw is initiated through the pressing of the “fire” button. A single crucible-load of 0.1 grams of herb should last the user about 5 large draws. The MV1 comes with a handy crucible dispenser, which holds 5 preloaded crucibles that can be inserted into the device at a moment’s notice.

The device is available in a number of different versions/finishes. Due to the small crucible loads and the high quality of the resulting vapor, the efficiency of the MV1 is quite superb.


PAX 3 beats out most of the vaporizers reviewed thus far in terms of portability and “pocketability”.

It is a truly handsome little device, barely larger than a hefty lighter. Its new version comes with a handy companion app, and its performance/efficiency can be tinkered with in a number of ways.

PAX 3 is a pure conduction vaporizer. What does that entail?

First of all, it means that the device heats up the herb in its oven by heating up the walls of the oven. There is no extra hot airflow involved in the vaporization process. Some say that the pure conduction setup is inferior to convection or even conduction+convection vaping and they may indeed be right.

In PAX 3’s case however, what it all means is that shorter draws will result in just as good an experience as longer ones do with a convection unit. Since not everyone is capable for drawing for 10-15 seconds, PAX 3 has indeed turned this liability into an asset.

The oven of the PAX 3 can hold some 0.35 grams of herb, though there are lid options (included in the actual package as well as aftermarket options), which can reduce this quantity to around 0.1 grams.

It is important to note that the PAX 3 likes finely ground herb, packed in as tightly as possible. It also works with oils and concentrates thanks to the concentrate insert that comes with the product.

In the PAX 3 package, the producer has also included 2 different types of mouth pieces. The charging of the unit is super-simple. Just place it on the concave charging rest and it is good to go.

The unit features a single button, which starts up the device. To check the heat level, just press and hold the button. You can also use it to cycle through the 4 temperature levels, which can be adjusted through the companion app.

The main difference between the PAX 2 and PAX 3 is that the latter heats up faster. It also features a somewhat slimmer and more stylish appearance.

The complete PAX 3 kit costs around $250. The device alone can be had for ~$200.

Thanks to its superb design and perfect dimensions, the PAX 3 had this ultra-portable corner of the vaporizer market locked up for a while. These days however, it does have game competitors, such as the Firefly 2.

Firefly 2

Looking a bit like an oversized USB stick, with its mouthpiece sticking out, the Firefly 2 costs some $330.

Unlike the PAX 3, the Firefly 2 is a pure convection vaporizer. That does – at least in theory – justify its higher price.

The device comes with a magnetic lid and capacitive sensors instead of a control button.

It heats up in 5 seconds max and it uses advanced materials in its composition. The vapor path is borosilicate glass, the removable mouthpiece is BPA-free and the battery holds enough power to vaporize some 6-8 full ovens of herb. The Firefly 2 works well with concentrates too.

To charge the unit, simply place it on its charging dock. Charging progress can be monitored through the companion app of the device.

The bottom line on this one is that it is indeed a worthy – albeit more expensive – competitor to the PAX 3. The Firefly’s pure convection MO makes it stand out in this particular market niche.

With Storz and Bickel’s Plenty, we’re wrapping up the ultra-portable segment and wading into the wacky world of desktop vaporizers.

Best Desktop Vaporizers of 2019


The Plenty – its name a telltale clue – takes vaping to an entirely different level. It features a massive body, with a wide herb chamber, through which it lets tons of hot air. To keep the vaper’s mouth away from all the heat, the mouthpiece is preceded by a massive cooling coil.

The device might look like something out of the laboratory of a vaping-obsessed mad scientist, but its design is fully functional and well justified.

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The chamber holds more than 0.5 grams of material, but it works with as little as 0.2 grams. If you load that little, use a liquid pad as a screen for the chamber to keep your material fully exposed to the hot air generated by the device.

The Plenty comes with a massive body, handle and a sort of trigger mechanism reminiscent of the safety systems used on electric chainsaws. It plugs into a wall outlet, so it is by no means a subtle piece of equipment.

The heating element only comes on while the “trigger” is squeezed. As soon as it is released, the temperature drops. When it is squeezed again, heating begins and the temperature begins heading upward, towards the selected value.

Users can set the temperature by means of a small wheel.

The draw resistance of the Plenty is not particularly daunting. In fact, it is almost non-existent. The device does however require a couple of long draws to get the vape truly going.

The Plenty is most definitely a convection vaporizer, relying exclusively on this technique for its first few draws. As the screen and the side of the oven heats up though, conduction seeps into the equation as well.

One possible shortcoming of the Plenty is the fact that it can take up to 3 minutes to reach the desired temperature level.

Three additional screens, a grinder a liquid pad and a brush are also included in the Plenty package. The device is purely electromechanical and that lends it a certain kind of nostalgic appeal.

Costing around $280, the Plenty is not as expensive as one may expect it to be.


Storz and Bickel’s Volcano is a one-of-a kind vaporizer, that has been out for ages, virtually unchanged. When there’s a vaporizer out there with this sort of longevity, you know that it must be doing something right.

What the Volcano does right is that it fills up a plastic bag with high quality and very consistent vapor. The user can then consume this vapor straight out of the bag, at his/her own pace.

The actual Volcano device looks like something out of a 70s movie. It comes in two versions: an analog and a digital one. Of these, the analog one looks positively more retro. The functionality provided by the two versions is essentially the same.

The device features two buttons and a temperature adjustment knob. The red button turns on the vaporizer and heats it up to the set temperature level. A yellow light comes on while the device is heating up. When it goes out, the Volcano is ready to fill its bag.

The bag attaches to the top of the volcano-like device through a handy valve, right above the herb chamber. The vaping method is convection. As the ensemble really heats up, some degree of conduction may come into play as well.

After the user clicks the bag onto the top of the herb oven, by pressing the green button, the fan can be activated. This pushes the hot air through the herb chamber and into the bag and with it, the resulting vapor. It takes the device around 30 seconds to fill up the bag.

The herb chamber is as large as that of the Plenty, though it does work fine with less material (about 0.15 grams even).

The Volcano is the definition of a desktop device. It is big, bulky, it plugs into a wall outlet, and you don’t actually ever have to lift it.

Because you are essentially vaping out of a plastic bag, draw resistance is not part of the equation in any shape or form.

The vapor quality and its consistency throughout the session is outstanding.

Please note however that you should ideally consume the contents of the bag within about 10 minutes. After that, the quality of the vapor degrades quickly.

The digital version of the device rocks a more modern look. It features a screen instead of the temperature knob. It is obviously aimed at users who do not find the retro look of the original appealing.

The Volcano is obviously a “session” vaporizer. If you’re looking for an on-demand desktop solution, the wooden E-Nano looks like an ideal choice.

EpicVape E-Nano Vaporizer

The E-Nano is indeed a micro-dosing dream. Its herb chamber, which is in fact part of the glass stem/mouthpiece of the device, works with as little as 0.05-0.1 grams of material.

The vaporizer is remarkably small for a desktop solution. It does however plug into a wall outlet, and it can be left turned on for hours on end. Loading the herb chamber is as simple as loading up the opposite end of the glass mouthpiece. The user then sticks the glass pipe onto the heating element in the middle of the desktop device.

Temperature can be adjusted through a knob located right on the power chord.

The build quality of the E-Nano is excellent. Lots of natural materials are used in it. The power cord tends to be a little stiff however, and the unit itself is light, so the weight of the cord/temperature adjustment knob, can drag it off the table. The length of the cable is ~8 ft.

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Some users have listed the fact that it is a wall-tethered vaporizer as a shortcoming as well. Since we are discussing desktop vaporizers here, that is not really the case however.

E-Nano comes with an impressive number of accessories.

VapeXhale Evo

Those looking for plentiful vapor and an all-glass vapor path will certainly like the VapeXhale Evo.

Vapor volume seems to be one of the strengths of this vaporizer, but the fact that it works well with dry leaves and concentrates is also a major plus.

The device itself looks rather basic. It consists of the heater unit and an oven (or rather a herb-basket) that goes on top. Mind you that you will need some sort of a rig/mouth piece to use this vaporizer. The manufacturer provides HydraTubes for this purpose, but if you happen to have your own glass rig, that will work fine with it. You just need to be able to hook it up to it.

You need the rig to cool and condition your vapor.

The heating unit tends to get hot, so the manufacturer has provided a sort of heat protection sleeve for it. The setup is very basic: it has an on/off button and a knob for temperature selection.

The hot air never comes into contact with anything else but glass (of course, with the exception of the herb basket). There is a metal coil around the glass tubing, and that heats up the air within.

The basket can be loaded with as little as 0.1 grams of material and as much as 0.5 grams. The more you put in there, the more draws you’ll be able to take. Make sure you do not pack your leaf too tight, as it might restrict the airflow that way. The vaping method used by VapeXhale Evo is obviously convection.

For this same reason, make sure to stir your material up every two draws or so. With concentrates, limit your draws to one. In this regard, the VapeXhale Evo setup is the equivalent of a torch-free dab.

The device is sturdy and durable.

NewVape FlowerPot Vaporizer

Taking desktop vaping one step further still, is the NewVape FlowerPot. This one is nothing short of vaping workshop. It is a highly customizable rig, which covers every possible vaping need that might arise. You can do double-deckers (dabs and herb) with this one.

The quality of the vapor is outstanding, the volume is off the charts and the actual craftsmanship that went into the device is a pleasure to behold.

This is a Dream...

When purchasing one of these rigs, you can opt to leave out some of the non-essential components (such as the carb cap). For the full experience however, you are best off purchasing the whole shebang. It is well worth it.

The centerpiece of the FlowerPot is the e-nail controller, which allows you to set the precise temperature you need. If you like to keep your e-nail coil as cool as possible, you will have to purchase the carb cap. Only with it on can you lower the temperature to the 590F range without affecting the vaping experience. The carb cap is also a must if you are looking to vape concentrate.

Without the cap, you should raise the e-nail temperature to around 650 degrees.

Setting up the e-nail is as simple as plugging it into an outlet, plugging in the 5-pin e-nail chord, and turning it on with the On/Off button. You can then use the Up and Down keys to set your desired temperature.

The actual heating element is built onto the e-nail coil. There are two options in this regard: the VROD and the Showerhead. They both do the job they are supposed to just fine. The heater handle has a hemp string wrapped around it – a nice little touch.

The bowl piece is a three-part ensemble, simple to put together and take apart. It comes with stainless steel or titanium screens. The bowl piece goes onto the rig, the heater on top of it, and then the carb cap (if needed).

Getting the carb cap is a good idea on account of the stirring rod it features. You will need to stir your material every couple of draws, and with it, that is a very handy and snug operation. You will also find this tool useful when putting a dab on top of your dry leaf for a double-decker.

The NewVape FlowerPot kit also includes a SIC dish, which is meant to help you with concentrate.

These double-deckers are the “special skill” of this vaporizer.

The bottom line: the FlowerPot has to be the king of all desktop vaporizers. A pure convection device, it gives you access to double-deckers, and to an overall peerless vaping experience.

While the above are the best vaporizers money can buy regardless of price, there are a handful more which are worthy of mentioning within their own price-category.

Best Low-cost Vaporizers of 2019

X Max II Pro

The X Max II Pro is a superb little vaping device, capable of handling dry herb as well as wax. Its price clocks in at well under $100.

Honestly, its price is its main draw/selling point. The quality of the vapor produced by this device is nowhere near what any of the above listed vaporizers put out. Its portability is a major plus as well.

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The device uses conduction vaporization. Its oven is located right under the removable mouth piece. Dry herb can be packed into the oven as it is. For wax, use the wax cup provided with your device.

The unit is powered by a removable battery. An extra one is included with the product at purchase.

A single button controls the vaporizer and its temperature settings. Pushing the said button three times turns on the device. Holding it down allows you to circle through the 5 available temperature settings which are: 365, 374, 392, 410 and 428.

Remember to sterilize the device before your first use, by running its temperature up to the highest level 3 times in a row.

While for its price ($59), the X Max II Pro is a superb little vaporizer, as mentioned, it leaves quite a bit of room for improvement, in several regards.

Its main shortcomings are:

  • The unit itself tends to heat up, thus becoming uncomfortable to handle.
  • Conduction heating sometimes overheats herb.
  • What results is wasted material and poor vape quality.
  • Harsh hits.

Davinci IQ

The Davinci IQ is a very different vaporizer. It costs upwards of $270 and it is probably the best compact solution out there.

The size of the Davinci IQ is its main draw and most important asset, but it is far from being the only one. This compact vaporizer features quality execution and a zirconia ceramic oven. In fact, its vapor path and mouth piece are made of the same high quality material too.

The unit is powered by a replaceable 18650 battery, and at 145 grams, it is quite heavy. This extra weight lends it a sort of durable feeling in the hand, that is very satisfying. Davinci IQ can be easily pocketed, and what’s more, it can even be palmed. Discretion is therefore most definitely one of its strengths.

The flavor chamber is one of the popular features of the device. Draw resistance is great, but it tends to ramp up a bit the longer the herbs are left in.

Davinci IQ is a conduction vaporizer. That said, its vapor quality is superb, probably in part thanks to the presence of the flavor chamber, which helps cool down the vapor.

The unit heats up in about 45 seconds, and it does not have a tendency to overheat like many other conduction portable vaporizers.

Temperature adjustment-wise, the Davinci IQ offers two options: there is a “smart path” option, which offers 4 fully customizable choices. Then there’s exact temperature setting in the 250-430F range.

To customize the said smart paths, you can use the Davinci IQ companion app. The device maintains exact temperature settings for 10 minutes – which is how long a session should normally last.

Given that this is a conduction vaporizer, it works best with finely ground and tightly packed herb. For the best results, fill up the herb chamber all the way.

The only downside to the Davinci IQ is its lengthy charging time.

Sticky Brick

Last but not least, we have to include the Sticky Brick, for the simple fact that it is hands-down the best butane torch vaporizer out there.

Above and beyond its stylish design, the Sticky Brick has scores of tricks up its sleeves. It is a butane torch-powered, convection heating device, which features no charging times, no heat-up times and is on-demand.

All of them hand-made, Sticky Bricks are crafted out of hardwood.

If you are looking for portability, the Sticky Brick Junior is your obvious choice. The OG works and looks the same way, but it is hardly portable due to its size.

Loading up the chamber of the Sticky Brick is a very simple exercise. You can do it instantly, without having to wait for it to cool down etc.

The vapor quality produced by the Sticky Bricks is great. The Junior seems to excel in this regard.

Sticky Brick’s only downside is that there is a little bit of a learning curve involved with its use. It will probably take you a couple of sessions to master this true work of art.

Buy a Vaporizer in 2019

For one reason or another, all the above vaporizers stand out of the crowd. Let us know if you feel we should have included any others and don’t forget to tell us why.

My favorite vaporizer is Storz & Bickel Mighty and I would recommend it to anyone as a first choice whether for vaping cannabis or for use with other plants, herbs, and spices, including oils and extracts.

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