CIA Astral Projection (Project Gateway)

While for most lucid dreaming and astral projection enthusiasts, the existence and power of AP is a scientific fact, for the public at large, the phenomenon is still somewhat dubious (and by that, I mean that its very existence is doubted) or it carries the stigma of the occult.

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This sort of attitude towards this little-known – and often misunderstood – phenomenon is understandable after all: most of the information available on it comes from sources lacking any kind of scientific backing and indeed: any authority at all.

I am however happy to report that this has not exactly been the case for some time now. On September 10, 2003, a CIA document about research focused on the Gateway Experience and its applications, has been declassified. The said document, written for the US Army Intelligence and Security Command at Ft Mead, MD, dates back to 1983, and in it, the existence of AP is not only confirmed and acknowledged but various avenues regarding its practical use are also explored.

The said document goes further still: it provides a legitimate scientific/biomedical explanation of the processes which lead up to/trigger mentally enhanced states, and it addresses the issue from a dogmatic and religious point of view, making it clear that none of the matters discussed do in any way go against the grain of any of the mainstream religions.

What exactly is the Gateway Experience though?

By definition, the Gateway Experience is a training system that utilizes a series of tapes (audio stimuli) to enhance the brainwaves of those using it, thus allowing them to escape the physical sphere and eventually, even the constraints of time and space.

This enhancement is accomplished through the synchronization of the left and right brain hemispheres – a feature that sets the method apart from other consciousness-enhancing/altering procedures such as hypnosis, meditation, and bio-feedback.

The author of the report uses these three methods as a base for comparison, to make the Gateway Experience easier to understand and to process.

To this end, he delivers a lengthy and in-detail presentation of the other three methods, before he even defines the Gateway Experience in the paper.

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Long story short in this regard: while hypnosis and transcendental meditation aim to suppress left hemisphere activity to thus bring the abilities of the right hemisphere to bear, biofeedback engages the right hemisphere through the cognitive powers of the left hemisphere. Gateway on the other hand synchronizes both hemispheres.

What exactly does it mean though to synchronize the two brain hemispheres and why is it so helpful for the purpose of Gateway?

This synchronization refers to the EEG patterns of both hemispheres, which need to be equal in amplitude as well as frequency, effectively complementing each other and feeding off each other, to achieve ever-bigger amplitudes and frequencies.

This state is a rarity under normal conditions and when achieved, it does not last long. Those using the special Gateway tapes created by the Monroe Institute though, have apparently found it much easier to induce and sustain Hemi-Sync.

Why does Hemi-Sync enhance one’s abilities to achieve superior consciousness states? The author uses a lamp vs laser analogy to shed some (focused) light on that question. In its normal state, the human mind is like a lamp. It casts its light erratically, in every direction.

When Hemi-Synced though, it becomes akin to a laser: focusing all of its energy on one spot. Like a laser, the mind thus becomes capable of accomplishing astonishing feats, among them OBEs and yes: astral projection too.

It has to be stressed though that one of the key tenets of Gateway is that once Hemi-Sync has been achieved, the resulting focused brainwaves have to be accelerated. This way, the human mind will resonate at ever higher levels, thus becoming capable of synchronizing itself with higher and more sophisticated energy levels within the universe.

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What is Gateway used for? 

Given the fact that the above-said paper was commissioned by US Army Intelligence, it is fairly safe to assume that intelligence gathering may have been one of the points of interest in the whole affair. The report itself does not really mention that by name though it does refer to “information collection.”

What it also mentions is that OBEs make Gateway much quicker and simpler to accomplish and that they (as well as astral projection) may be used to glean information from remote sources, without being physically present there.

In addition to effectively opening a Gateway into other dimensions, above and beyond the time-space realm, the Gateway exercise is also thought to offer advanced practitioners the ability to peer into the past and more importantly: the future. It may even be used to influence the future to a certain degree.

How does the Gateway Experience work? 

As said above, the first objective of Gateway is to achieve Hemi-Sync. This is accomplished via a phenomenon known as Frequency Following Response. Apparently, when one hears a sound frequency that is associated with the functioning of the brain, his/her brain will begin mimicking that frequency. This way, one can be effectively put to sleep, through the provision of a Theta-level frequency, which is associated with the sleep state.

The problem is that these frequencies are not audible, but researchers have made use of another phenomenon to circumvent this issue: when different inaudible frequencies are played in the two ears, the brain actually hears the difference between them, called the “beat” frequency.

This is in essence what the Gateway Experience tapes provide Hemi-Sync-wise, though there is more to them.

In addition to providing these frequencies, the tapes aim to instill a completely relaxed, meditative state in the subject, a state meant to eliminate the bifurcation echo resulting from one’s heartbeat at the aorta bifurcation in the lower abdomen. With this echo – and the interference pattern it generates – gone, the heartbeat generates a resonance/vibration in one’s brain, which is then used to stimulate the latter, thus increasing the frequency and amplitude of the brain waves.

In addition to all the above, the tapes help Gateway users build up the energy field surrounding their body, by getting to vibrate in harmony with the electrostatic field of the Earth.

By getting to resonate with the surrounding environment, the users gain the ability to move their consciousness out into this environment and then beyond.

The author then goes on to define the human consciousness as an energy grid made up of intersecting and interacting energy fields, eventually building up his case concerning the way one is able to perceive various aspects of the universal hologram.

He then moves beyond time-space, defining the Absolute Infinite (a vast amount of energy in perfect rest-state, which is the source of all other dimensions including time-space) and an undefined number of intermediary dimensions – which can all be accessed through Gateway – at least in theory.

Gateway Experience uses

The author of the paper lists several uses for the Gateway Experience, which he calls “Advanced Techniques.” In order to be able to perform these techniques, users are required to reach a state called Focus 10 – or above.

  • One of the potentially most profitable applications, Problem Solving is all about filling one’s expanded awareness with the problems one wishes to solve and then projecting them out into the universe. The actual solving of the problems befalls one’s higher consciousness, which will filter the problems through the universal hologram to gain the answers.
  • Patterning is a use of expanded consciousness focused on the proactive bringing about of desired objectives. Through this exercise, the user projects his/her desired objectives out into the universe, as already realized fact. This way, one creates the basis for the actual realization of the said objectives.
  • The Color Breathing technique is about using the power of colors and of the varied energy levels they represent, to heal, enhance and revitalize various parts of one’s body. It is important to note that this exercise is a purely mental one, with no outside light sources involved.
  • The Energy Bar tool makes use of the ancient symbolism of wands and scepters, to hand the Gateway Experience user the power to harness energy from the universe and to channel it towards the healing/enhancement of his/her various body parts.
  • Remote Viewing also makes use of the Energy Bar technique, which the user wields as a tool to open portals through which he can reach out for new insights and revelations.
  • The Living Body Map is based on the visual imagining of the human anatomy in detail, with special attention paid to the areas on which one wants to focus for healing purposes. This technique complements the Energy Bar tool as a potent healing/enhancement device.
  • Traveling into the past requires a higher level of expanded consciousness. Those looking to accomplish this ambitious deed, need to be on the Focus 15 level at least. This is a level that is very difficult to reach for most of the practitioners. Statistically, some 5% of people can ever hope to reach Focus 15.

The tapes provide special instructions for time travel, which require the user to imagine a giant wheel, the spokes of which represent different episodes of the user’s past.

The Gateway Experience and Astral Projection

The author attributes a great deal of importance to the OBE (Out of Body Experience) implications of the Gateway Experience, discussing it in a separate section.

Despite that, only one tape of the Gateway Experience is designed to induce OBEs. The creators of the program obviously did not fully share in the author’s interest in this phenomenon.

The OBE-related goal of the Gateway program is to make it easier for users to leave their physical shells behind when their brainwaves become synchronized with the electromagnetic environment that surrounds them. It is at this point that separation becomes possible, in the view of the creators of the Gateway Experience.

The paper mentions a handful of separation techniques too, such as rolling out and lifting out – techniques that I have already covered in several articles on this site.

The Gateway Experience and REM Sleep 

Apparently, both the author of the paper and the creators of the Gateway Experience agree that REM sleep radically increases the chances of one having an OBE while using the GE. Explanations are offered in this regard too.

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During REM sleep, the activity of the left brain hemisphere is apparently almost completely suppressed. Furthermore, the motor cortex functions of the body are disengaged, and from a physical standpoint, the body is in an extremely relaxed state. This helps eliminate the bifurcation echo I discussed above, thus further helping with the accomplishment of expanded consciousness states.

The author speculates that the use of the Gateway tapes may not actually help with the triggering of OBEs, but rather, with the post-awakening remembering of these experiences. He then proceeds to set forth three conditions which need to be fulfilled:

  • the achievement of a “proper” resonance (at approximately 7 Hz) is the first requirement. Complete relaxation and the suppression of the interference pattern created by the bifurcation echo are required here.
  • next up is the synchronization of the two brain hemispheres.
  • the subsequent stimulation of the right hemisphere is the cherry on the cake. This may indeed interfere with Hemi-Sync, but an OBE is likely to be triggered before that happens.

Given the nature of the report, it is only natural that the author should explore some avenues for the use of OBEs (and astral projection, obviously), for information-gathering purposes.

Astral Projection Exit Techniques

His conclusion is somewhat disappointing though. Despite the fact that being able to project anywhere – not just on this planet but theoretically: in the entire universe – is relatively easy to accomplish and that in theory, it would indeed be a great way to collect information, distortion is a major problem.

The author postulates that projectors are vulnerable to holographic interference caused by the energy patterns of other people and even by the holographic traces of the past and future.

Surprisingly, the author reveals that quite a number of tests have been conducted in this regard, one of them involving coast-to-coast projection and the attempted reading of a series of numbers off computer screens located in a university laboratory.

While the results seemed encouraging (participants collected enough information to prove that their consciousness had indeed been present at the target location), accuracy was just not satisfactory (no one managed to grab all the required information).

Parallels with hypnosis, transcendental meditation, and biofeedback

To set the Gateway Experience into a relevant frame, the author of the CIA piece begins his article by painting detailed pictures of these three consciousness-expanding exercises.

Hypnosis – he points out – is focused on the suppression of the left (analytical) hemisphere of the brain, thus permitting direct access to the pleasure centers, sensory-motor cortex, and lower cerebral section of the right hemisphere. Indeed, this is pretty much how hypnosis achieves its objectives.

He also mentions that hypnosis can indeed be used to accelerate the early stages of the Gateway Experience.

Transcendental Meditation on the other hand takes a different route towards expanding one’s consciousness. It is focused on resonance and on eliminating the bifurcation echo. Transcendence is eventually accomplished on the back of standing acoustical waves, resulting from the altered heart rhythm (undisturbed by the bifurcation echo) obtained by the practitioner.

Biofeedback is yet again an entirely different animal. Instead of trying to “close down” the left hemisphere of the brain, it makes use of it, to access areas of the right hemisphere, such as the sensory cortices, the pain and pleasure centers, etc.

Biofeedback is all about establishing pathways to these areas, pathways that lead right through the left hemisphere.

The reason why these three consciousness-altering methods are discussed is that they share objectives and some of their triggering methods with the Gateway Experience.

The general context of the Gateway Experience

The author makes it clear from the get-go that he fully intends to place the Gateway Experience into context, covering a number of fundamental issues in this regard, including the very nature of the universe, the various dimensions, the nature of quantum entanglement (in regards to which he offers up a very intriguing theory) as well as various belief systems with which – according to his conclusions – this consciousness-altering method does not in any way clash.

It is interesting to note how he defines the universe: originating from a white hole, and disappearing into a black one as it falls back on itself in the shape of a torus.

His theory regarding quantum entanglement is very intriguing, to say the least. He argues that during their vibration, the energy grids that make up atoms and subatomic particles exist not only within the time-space dimension but also in additional, intermediary dimensions, where time and space are not so closely correlated.

He offers an explanation as to why this multi-dimension existence is indeed plausible. Lastly, he draws the conclusion that the puzzling, faster-than-light communication that exists among entangled particles, occurs in a dimension other than space-time – thus it does not in fact violate the Theory of Relativity in any way.

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As far as the religious/belief-based aspect of the Gateway Experience is concerned, the author draws a parallel between the theories presented in his article, and the various tenets of religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and even the Christian concept of Trinity.

Conclusion: CIA Astral Projection

Are some of the theories presented by Wayne McDonnell, the author of this exhaustive paper on consciousness-altering, far-fetched? Yes.

Does the author build a very solid case for all these theories though? Yes.

Obviously, the theories presented in this piece cannot be peddled as truth, not by a long shot. What they are though, are solid theories, the validity of which remains to be proven or disproven by science.

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