SAM-e, also known as S-Adenosyl-L-methionine, is a supplement that can be used for treatment of depression while also serving as a nootropic.

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Using SAM-e produces a subtle stimulant effect and wakefulness. Not only does it raise energy levels, but it may also improve joint mobility, enhance stamina, and reduce pain, which is why it is also used by people who suffer from osteoarthritis.

The state of consciousness produced by this supplement is characterized by mindfulness, euphoria, and a sense of rejuvenation. It may also enhance analysis, focus, memory, and thought connectivity and organization. On the negative side, it can produce irritability, anxiety, and even a manic state.


A light dose starts at 200 mg, while a strong dose is anything over 1200 mg.

Effects begin about 2-3 hours after taking the supplement (peak plasma levels are reached within 4-5 hours after ingestion), and may last for up to 12 hours. SAM-e’s half life is approximately 100 minutes.

It is advisable to take folate and vitamin B12 when using SAM-e. Do not combine SAM-e with dextromethorphan, L-DOPA, and other drugs, especially anti-depressants without consulting with your doctor.

Due to the stimulating and wake-promoting effect of this supplement, I suggest to take it no more than 12 hours before your planned bedtime to avoid insomnia.

Buy SAM-e (


Buy SAM-e (

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