VaporGenie Review

VaporGenie is a portable vaporizer which doesn’t use electricity. It is heated using a lighter or match. VaporGenie’s original purpose is primarily to provide a safer way to inhale tobacco than conventional pipes and cigarettes.

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But the VG can also be used to smoke other herbs as well as liquids and extracts, including cannabis.

It is also said to be the ideal solution for inhaling DMT.

Here you will find all you need to know about the VaporGenie.

Why Use a Vaporizer?

First of all, let me point out that if you’re currently a smoker, then you should probably consider switching to vaping, either with a conventional vaporizer, e-cigarette, or the VaporGenie.

The reason is that the inhaling the combustion products of plant material such as tobacco (tar) may be a lot dangerous than inhaling its vapor.

What you want are specific essential oils and terpenes, which have a specific boiling point.

With a vaporizer, you can control the temperature, thereby only inhaling mostly those specific compounds and avoiding any dangerous carcinogenic and toxic combustion products.

The fact that the terpenes and oils are made into vapor and not burned makes vaporization not only healthier, but also tastier and more pleasant than smoking.

Why VaporGenie? VaporGenie Review

VaporGenie specifically is an excellent and effective vaporizer.

It fits in the pocket and is convenient to take anywhere.

There’s no warm up time. Just load the bullet, screw on the top, and you can take some nice, smooth hits immediately.

Because nicotine has a very high boiling point, most regular herb vaporizers cannot be used to smoke tobacco. The VaporGenie works well for tobacco as well as other herbs, extracts, oils, waxes, and liquids, thanks to a liquid pad product.

The flame filter is made of high-purity silicon carbide (silicon and carbon) and does not contain any metals, does not burn, fracture, or deteriorate. It will never need to be replaced.

The wooden part is sealed with natural a food grade varnish with no glues, adhesives, or other toxic chemicals.

Metal parts are either stainless steel or chrome plated.

While the VG is practically unbreakable, it comes with a lifetime manufacturers’ warranty covering product defects and unreasonable failures.

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If your VG comes apart, cracks, or otherwise fails with normal use, they will replace it.

Note that the VaporGenie cannot be used as a regular combustion pipe. It will ruin it for use as a vaporizer. This damage is NOT covered by the warranty.

What is VaporGenie? How does it work?

VaporGenie’s secret is a patent-pending flame filter located between the herb and flame.

Its function is to mix the flame and cool air, thereby providing vaporization temperatures of about 225-375 degrees (107-190 degrees Celsius) and protecting the herb from burning.

VaporGenie Review - How it Works

There’s also a metal wire (or coil) which holds up the screen, encouraging uniform airflow, heating, and vaporization over the entire surface of the screen.

The VaporGenie operates via convection heating.

This means that the flame never touches the substance but simply heats the air around it causing it to vaporize more slowly and with far less chance of burning the substance.

How to Use the VaporGenie Vaporizer?

The VaporGenie is used similarly to a conventional pipe:

  1. Load the VaporGenie with shredded herb, loosely. Do not pack it.
  2. Screw the flame filter onto the pipe.
  3. Inhale from the pipe while supplying flame to the flame filter. Do not touch the ceramic filter with the flame.
  4. To control the temperature, adjust the amount of flame applied and the speed of inhalation. It helps to pay attention to the inhaled flavors and heat. The ceramic filter keeps heating the vapor for a few moments even after you cut the flame.

Many people report that while the VaporGenie provides them with an excellent vaping experience, it does take some getting used to.

Unlike electronic vaporizers, it can overheat and burn. However, as one reviewer pointed out, “Once you get it down, though, you can get ripped on a fraction of the dope you’d normally only smoke to take the edge off things.”

He continues with sharing his own personal technique:

1. Use a small flame and ever so lightly drag on the Genie, just enough to get the flame drooping into the hole.

2. Place the tip of your tongue on your palate while doing this, as this allows you to gauge the temperature with the bottom of your tongue, rather than the back of your throat.

3. When you feel warm vapor trickling through wait a second or so, then cut the flame and hit that pipe hard as if you’re letting rip on a bong. Hold that vapor in.

4. Exhale big fluffy clouds of vapor.

VaporGenie Classic Review

The pipe itself is made of Maple wood.

From mouthpiece to the center of the bowl (where the flame enters), the length of the VaporGenie is 4.5 inches.

VaporGenie Review

The VaporGenie comes with a stainless steel screen (15 mm). The bowl and filter top threads are also made of stainless steel.

The loading chamber fits approximately 0.1 grams of herbs.

Colors: Classic maple, Oak, Blue, Purple, Green, Black, Yellow, Red, Cozumel, Walnut, Aluminum, Bare naked ash, Just waxed ash.

The paint is lead-free water-based acrylic.

There is also a Glass VaporGenie (GVG), but it looks a bit like a crack pipe, so if you are planning on carrying it around with you in public places, then consider going with the wooden pipe which looks like it could legitimately be used for smoking tobacco.

Also, the GVG is a lot more expensive and probably not more effective than the wooden VG.

The black mouthpiece is optional and can easily be removed by simply pulling it out.

Mouthpiece borehole is 1/4″ diameter.

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How to clean the VaporGenie?

Use a small 1/4″ brush made out of nylon or stainless steel to clean your VaporGenie. If you’re using aluminum or glass VaporGenie, pick the nylon one.

Do not clean with alcohol, solvents, or soapy water because it may damage the wood finish. Use hot water and a pipe cleaner.

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The wire can be removed and replaced with pliers.

Ceramic filter is removable/replaceable. Removal is only necessary if soot needs to be cleaned (which should never be necessary).

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Vaping DMT with VaporGenie

Using VaporGenie is ideal for inhaling DMT and changa. That is because DMT is best heated by convection (hot air) rather than conduction (hot material).

For this purpose, use 5-8 screens, then add a layer of any smokable herb or ash, or a liquid pad. Then on top of that place your crystals. Some people recommend to first melt the DMT onto the screen for 2-4 seconds.

Empty your lungs, then inhale slowly, steadily, and deeply as soon as you begin heating the DMT. Keep the vapor in the lungs for as long as possible.

If you cough, then it means you applied too much heat.

Which Lighter to Use?

There is some toxic material in the lighter exhaust. Even in electric vaporizers, there is some tar and toxic chemical production.

For the cleanest vapor possible, it is recommended when using VaporGenie, that the flame is not disturbed, flickering or touching the filter or sides of the pipe.

Also, to eliminate butane lighter exhaust exposure, use Hempwick lighter alternative, which is made of organic hemp twine saturated with beeswax.

If you must use a conventional light, then go with an electronic ignition butane lighter (piezoelectric) and not with a conventional “flint” lighter because it may produce toxic dust.

If you must use a flint lighter, wait for the flint dust to disperse before inhaling (2-3 seconds).

For vaping DMT, it’s recommended to get a high quality torch lighter, ideally with a bent shape. Examples: Colibri, Visol, Lotus, or Blazer.

Specific Product Reviews

VaporGenie – Classic Colored Vaporizing Pipe – Direct from Manufacturer

VaporGenie Classic

The VaporGenie classic colorful pipes are the most popular VG product. VaporGenie on has a 100% positive feedback as a seller.

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VaporGenie – Flamed Classic Vaporizing Pipe

VaporGenie - Flamed Classic

This pipe has a beautiful flame finish, which is gently charred and finished with beeswax. Charring brings out the wood grain layers.

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VaporGenie – Hand Carved Vaporizing Pipe – Direct from Manufacturer

VaporGenie (Hand Carved)

Wood parts for the hand-carved pipes are made by hand in upstate New York. Measures 5.4 inches from mouthpiece tip to the center of the bowl. Total length (with mouthpiece) is about 6 inches, about 1 inch longer than classic models.

The natural and durable finish is a mixture of beeswax and carnauba wax, which can be re-applied and refreshed.

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Hempwick Lighter Alternative – 15 ft Long

Hempwick Lighter

The Hempwick Lighter alternative is another product sold by VaporGenie. It is made of hemp fiber and beeswax and is 15 feet / 4.6 meters long. To use, ignite end, then tilt up or down to control flame.

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  1. Chris

    Don’t even bother buying from this bunch. Maybe their devices work but I’d never know because, 3 weeks post order, I’m still waiting for delivery.
    Sure, they replied to my first email of concern (my package was ordered 13 days prior), apologizing and promising me a credit on my next purchase. For my trouble, I was told it would be shipped Priority mail the next day. I checked the tracking and, like the first supposed shipping, the message read something along the lines of “label made, awaiting package”. 6 days later, the message hasn’t changed. I’ve made several further attempts to reach them, all for not.
    Customer service and responsiveness is terrible. No pipe is worth this wait, this hassle, and this level of disrespect to the customer. Don’t waste your time.

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