Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala) – Ayahuasca Analog

Peganum harmala (Syrian rue) is a bush producing Sleep Seeds, which are the most important ingredient in many Ayahuasca Analogs. This is because they contain some of the same¬†harmala alkaloids¬†as¬†Banisteriopsis caapi, the original ayahuasca plant. Syrian rue is also also known as: African rue esphand wild rue aspand harmal hermel harmel esfand Read my full […]

Passiflora incarnata (True Passionflower) – The Sleep Flower

True Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata), also known as Wild Passion Vine, Apricot Vine, and Maypop, is a plant native to North America, where it was used first by Native American tribes. It is a CNS depressant with sedative, calming, and soothing properties, which is prescribed for problems associated with stress, including nervous conditions such as tension […]

Lucid Dream Therapy for Insomnia (LDT-I)

Lucid dreaming enthusiasts have long been searching for a practical application of the phenomenon. Attempts to use lucid dreaming for the treatment of insomnia have been part of this quest. Yes, lucid dreaming does have huge potential for treating various types of sleep disorders. Preliminary studies have yielded promising results in this regard. In this […]

Sleep and the Immune System

The links between proper sleep and a properly functioning immune system have been obvious for medically-inclined people for thousands of years. Back in 350 BC, Aristotle noted a sleep response in feverish patients. The relationship between sleep and the immune system is bidirectional. One affects the other and vice-versa. It is relatively easy to demonstrate […]

Sleep Restriction Therapy for Insomnia

Sleep Restriction Therapy (SRT) is a component of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). As such, it addresses certain aspects of insomnia. In the context of CBT, SRT teams up with other solutions such as Stimulus Control Therapy, which we have already discussed. SRT restricts time spent in bed and daytime sleep, intending to improve the quality […]